17th January 2018 – HR Highlights!

17th January 2018 – HR Highlights!

17th January 2018 – HR Highlights!

From 2017’s best bits to probationary periods and start up success, keep up to date with the latest business talking points with our HR Highlights:

2017 in business: A year in review >>

A look back on 2017 from a business eye including why your business reputation matters & will AI make us all redundant?


Why My Company Stopped “Auditioning” Job Candidates >>

Are probationary periods worth it? It depends…on how supportive your business is in helping new staff succeed. Are you watching to see if they fail or supporting them to succeed?


Top Tips For Running A Successful Gig Economy Business >>

Want to make it easier for your gig economy workers?  Think mobile first.


As Amazon And Walmart Duke It Out, Niche Retail Can Thrive >>

What’s the future of retail? All VR or is there room for bricks, mortar and real people?


The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed >>

What is the number one reason why companies succeed? Have a listen to this short TED talk and see if you agree.


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