Monthly Archives: February 2018

How to spot the dream employee

With so many candidates walking into the interview room, all using the same buzzwords and the same rehearsed answers, how can you be sure that you don’t miss the perfect candidate when they sit in front of you? It is something we recruiters dream about most nights. While jobseekers long to find their ideal role […]

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This week’s HR Highlights – 7th February 2018

How do you prioritise your employees’ experience? Do you demonstrate the behaviours of a successful CEO? And are you guilty of using any of the most baffling office buzzwords? We take a look at these topics in this week’s HR Highlights…   How to make employee experience a competitive advantage >> More than half of […]

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Has your CV reached its expiry date?

All things need a re-vamp (look at the Spiderman franchise!) and keeping things relevant and up to date is key to showing your development … The same applies for your CV. Whilst you should always adapt your CV to every job you apply to, working out when you need to a total overhaul is not easy. To […]

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