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This week’s HR Highlights – 9th May 2018

It’s not only the weather that’s heating up this week! Check out the hottest HR topics in the latest HR Highlights from hr inspire…   Elon Musk earns less than average Tesla staff member The Chief Executive of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, made less than the median Tesla employee in 2017 according to a report […]

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Didn’t get the job – how do I bounce back?

Check out Part One of our three part series – “I didn’t get the job – why?”   Part Two – I didn’t get the job – how do I bounce back? Author – Kimberley Williams, Recruitment Administrator at hr inspire So … you didn’t get the job. If you find yourself stuck in a rejection […]

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This week’s HR Highlights – 2nd May 2018

The latest and greatest Leadership and HR news and advice in this week’s HR highlights, covering topics from employee tenure to social responsibility and key characteristics of Entrepreneurs. Read on!..   “Our Company Began Tracking Employee Tenure, Here’s What We Found” The results gave Buffer insights that help them serve their employees’ career goals better. […]

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