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A barking mad interview technique

A veterinary university in Scotland has started interviewing prospective students using dogs on the interview panel. See article here. At hr inspire our adorable office dogs don’t participate in candidate screening (YET!) but we do use innovative and creative ideas to find the most suitable and qualified candidates for your vacancies. Let us help you […]

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The perils of working from home

With the video of Professor Robert Kelly’s children video-bombing his LIVE interview with the BBC going viral over the weekend, it’s a good time for employers to think about whether they have an up to date ‘working from home’ policy.   At hr inspire we can help you develop or enhance your policy to ensure […]

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Driver training and risk management strategy

Driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do and it contributes to far more accidental deaths and serious injuries than any other work-related injuries.  Police accident data shows that every year over 500 people are killed, which is almost one third of all road deaths, 5,000 seriously injured and more than 40,000 slightly injured, […]

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