Five Reasons you NEED Recruiters

Five Reasons you NEED Recruiters

Five Reasons you NEED Recruiters

We recently had the pleasure of reading a very interesting article from a company based locally to us, who we’re delighted to see are going from strength to strength. In the post, the need (or rather lack of) for recruitment companies was discussed, and it certainly gave us some food for thought…

As such, we’ve put our spin on 5 of the key points raised in the original article – check it out here and then we’d love to hear your thoughts on our view!


#1 “Not having time ISN’T an excuse” – Time IS precious …

When a business is working at full capacity with no room to go through the motions of the recruitment process, having an ‘extra-pair of hands’ ensures your time is well spent focusing on the day-to-day of the business, without having the worry of dealing with and potentially rushing your search for a new team member.

hr inspire resourcing gives you the breathing space to find those stand-out candidates that will add value to your team, without the headache of reading through numerous CVs! As we certainly know just how much time it takes to screen hundreds of CVs…

We also know there’s a big difference between writing a job description and advertising it – though you may know how great the role you are hiring for is, the general public are not. In an incredibly competitive job market, there’s a need to make your advert stand out to jobseekers.


#2 “It’s WHO you know” – It’s how much you NEED the help…

True, the saying goes… it’s not what you know it’s who you know.


We have been called upon when our clients have exhausted all of their internal means to look for quality candidates, and, when they haven’t. We make sure our customers have done all they can before appointing us – we pride ourselves on delivering value to our customers, and if we think you aren’t at a point where you need us, we’ll certainly advise.

We work very closely with all of our clients and get to know their business inside-out. Having great partnerships with our customers is of the upmost importance to us.

Since hr inspire not only offer resourcing but also HR support, hr inspire are seen as a part of the furniture with many of our customers, which we use to our advantage when looking for potential candidates.


#3 “Use LinkedIn like a recruiter would use it” – Make use of the skilled recruiters, who know what to look for …

The recruiter ‘secret sauce’ of using LinkedIn Boolean is not the sole solution to finding candidates. For this, you’ll need a dash of headhunting experience, a drizzle of LinkedIn knowledge and a splash of a “cultural fit awareness” to have a good shot of finding the right person for the job.

For any company that have had the capacity and budget to scour every corner of LinkedIn et al and have been able to find someone to fill their position, it’s great – but many of our customers don’t have the need to invest time and cost to develop these skills inhouse. 


#4 “Get the word out by getting social” – There’s social, then there’s SOCIAL

Once the vacancy is on the company website and is shared across Facebook, there more to be done after clicking ‘post’.

If a company is fortunate enough to have built an audience on social media then they can confidently say they’re reaching a wide audience. However, many businesses don’t have a following so need external support to ensure they’re spreading the message as far and wide as possible.

hr inspire have the expertise to boost the post so that it reaches the right people at the right time.


#5 “Save a fortune…by spending money!?” – Peace of mind is worthwhile …

Not needing to rely on out-sourced recruitment is a testament to how well some companies can find star candidates themselves, most often because they have invested quite heavily on becoming self-sufficient in-house – which is great! 

Many organisations we work with however don’t have this internal set up, so spending budget on self sourcing isn’t cost effective when considered alongside the time and effort that needs to be spent.

We provide peace of mind and guide our customers through a well-planned professional recruitment journey with packages that suit any size pocket. We offer an assortment of packages which are tailored to varying amounts of customer involvement – starting at £500!

hr inspire prides itself on the partnerships made with customers and trust that we will always support them, be that through complex HR issues or to fill a vacancy. All of our customers are working to full capacity and may not have the people, time or tools to also take on the commitments of recruitment.


Final thoughts

Though some companies do have in house teams, we work with organisations for whom this isn’t a preference or option. 

We’re a boutique company that operate almost as our customers external HR department, providing expertise from HR Director level through to Consultants and Specialists, without the cost of employing them!

Through our experience, our customers say we’ve saved them time, money and hassle. hr inspire go the extra mile in supporting customers with any issue that arises, their confidence in our abilities is testament to our team who use their expertise and passion to give bespoke and productive HR and resourcing solutions.

Give us a call and find out what we can do for you…  

01296 325 720 

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