How to spot the dream employee

How to spot the dream employee

How to spot the dream employee

With so many candidates walking into the interview room, all using the same buzzwords and the same rehearsed answers, how can you be sure that you don’t miss the perfect candidate when they sit in front of you?

It is something we recruiters dream about most nights. While jobseekers long to find their ideal role within their favourite company, we live for the satisfaction of matching a candidate with the perfect vacancy and business.

But how do you spot the perfect candidate? Read on for our top tips…


Identifying a dream hire

Spot the difference!  Generally, we see that a quality candidate’s attitude and approach shines through all of the applications received.

However, with so many jobseekers now receiving interview training, is it easy to be fooled?

Be aware that interview and presentation skills can only go so far, and it is the tangible, measurable information that candidates provide that can help uncover a real gem. For instance, citing specific examples of how an individual helped their company save money or improve efficiencies provides a more measurable return on investment and can help candidates differentiate themselves from the competition.


Don’t fast track the candidate

Of course, once the seemingly perfect person is firmly on your radar, the temptation is to grab the person by the hand, cancel any further interviews, and ensure the position is offered before the end of the day.

However, we strongly advise against approaching the situation with such haste.

If you have a shortlist already, it’s important to continue with the initial interview process. If someone is really that strong and is right for the job, they will still be there when the initial interview process has taken place. Businesses do need to move quickly when hiring, but it’s vital that you don’t rush the process.

Act fast, but reflect and consider, we advise. Remember, the next candidate or the one after may also be a dream.

So, it is vital not to miss out on the opportunity of getting more than one five-star performer. After all, the dream choice could have other offers presented to them or change their mind at a late stage, turning the recruitment process into a nightmare.

And that’s why it pays to have a back-up plan if possible!


The Halo Effect

Objectivity is a key consideration when faced with someone who appears to be a dream candidate. You must ask yourself if the ‘halo effect’ is coming into play. Just because a candidate presented themselves fantastically in their first interview, don’t view them through rose-coloured glasses as they progress through the recruitment process. It’s crucial to remain impartial and make sure you’re not overlooking any warning signs that they’re not right for the role simply because you were won over early on.

Another question to ask, is the candidate looking for the next step up the career ladder, a sideways move or an alternative career? It’s vital to understand their motivation, and ensure it matches with what you’re looking for.


Let us help

Red hot hires will be well prepared and have the required skills and experience in abundance. But we do know it often takes considerable time, effort and expertise to find them.

If you feel you’d benefit from some support to ensure you’re securing the top talent, drop us a line and see how we can help!


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