This week’s HR Highlights – 14th February 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 14th February 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 14th February 2018

From securing top talent alongside keeping your current team happy & healthy through to new rights for gig workers, we take a look at some of latest HR talking points.


What are job hunters looking for in 2018? >>

According to a recent report published by Investors in People, 47 percent of employees are looking to move jobs in 2018. With this making it the so-called ‘year of the candidate’, it’s certainly going to making it more competitive to secure the right talent.

So, what are candidate’s looking for in 2018?


Paying Top Dollar Doesn’t Mean You Have Top Talent >>

“When assembling your team, you want to hire winners – not mercenaries. No matter how great the performer, never hire someone who is in it just for the money”.

 If it isn’t all about money, how do you drive performance?


32 Leadership Lessons from Peloton, Beautycounter, Omnicom, And More >>

Founders, business leaders, and artists who participated in the 2017 Fast Company Innovation Festival share the advice that’s guided their careers.

A fabulous article pulling together lessons from the Leaders of our time – don’t pass by this one!


How is the Government changing gig worker rights? >>

The government’s long-awaited response to the Taylor Review has landed. Here’s what’s changed, who wins, and who loses.


7 habits to help keep your workforce happy and healthy >>

Would you like to help your staff stay healthy?

There’s no silver bullet but there’s still plenty you can do including some that are free!


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