This week’s HR Highlights – 16th May 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 16th May 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 16th May 2018

Do you know what the best day to work from home is? What about the most important staff motivator (hint – it’s not money)? Find out the answers to these plus more in this week’s HR highlights.


How you can stretch salaries further without bleeding the bottom line

Businesses are under pressure to do more with less – and added to that there is an unusually high level of uncertainty about the global economic climate.


Is Wednesday the best day to work from home?

As more businesses embrace agile working, empowering workers to complete tasks remotely from their homes or coffee shops – there’s always the conundrum about how much time a worker should spend out of office.


Cultural Change – Setting Businesses Up for Success

A successful software project isn’t just about delivering the goods on time and to budget – it is about ensuring the development delivers on the business objectives.


Ramadan fasting advice for employees & employers to follow

As we approach the Islamic holy month of Ramadan healthy fasting and workplace routines are critical for employees and also for employers to understand.


Workers rate THIS as more important than their salary

Most UK workers aren’t primarily motivated by money, with just over one in 10 classing their salary as the most important factor in their work.


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