This week’s HR Highlights – 18th April 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 18th April 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 18th April 2018

Is how you use social media putting off future employers? Or are you  confident you’re rewarding employees the best way possible? This week’s HR Highlights tackle these topic, and more! Don’t miss out…


Social Media – need some tips? >>

In the age of social media, growing numbers of employers are searching for candidates online before they ever call them for an interview.


The Best Ways to Reward Employees >>

Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that addresses these four areas: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation.


How to turn small talk into smart conversation >>

Tips from a comedian and a journalist on the art of going from small talk to big ideas — all summer long.


Think You’re Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again. >>

When’s too old to set up your own business? Never!


Top 5 Reasons Why ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong >>

Is a customer always right? Not if they cause havoc to your business and sometimes you need to protect your employees from their behaviour


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