This week’s HR Highlights – 24th January 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 24th January 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 24th January 2018

Is trust in leadership falling? Are you unlocking the full potential of your team? Do your employees feel fully a part of your business?

We take a look at these key topics, plus more, in this week’s HR Highlights – providing you with some of the key talking points from around the web.

Davos and the banality of trust >>

With World leaders getting together in Davos this week, do you think we trust the leadership less that the leaders of the past? Or is it we have a different view of what we now need from leaders?

Is microlearning just the latest buzzword in L&D? >>

Have you heard of micro learning?

It’s really making headway, in increasing development in the workplace and it’s not just about breaking your current learning into bite size chunks.

3 Steps to Fostering An Ownership Mentality In Employees >>

“Ownership cannot be handed off. It must be voluntarily received.”

Your staff don’t need to own shares to feel a sense of belonging to your company but it’s worth fostering that feeling if you want to increase productivity.

Finding Your Hidden Leaders >>

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented among the CEO ranks—but these figures from the CEO1000 database provide a striking illustration of that reality.

There will be many hidden leaders in your business – here’s some tips on how to find them

Introvert or Extrovert, Successful Entrepreneurs Share These 5 Traits >>

No matter how their personalities appear to others, entrepreneurs all possess a few key, inner characteristics.

Do you recognise them in you?


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