This week’s HR Highlights – 25th April 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 25th April 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 25th April 2018


With the one month GDPR countdown kicking off today, this week’s HR highlights brings you the opportunity to join a free hr inspire webinar, as well as catch up on HR topics such as leadership best practice, jobs of the future and serving your customers.


GDPR & Critical HR Changes

Does your workload for this weekend include finding out what to do about GDPR for your people? Relax – here’s the perfect solution

Join hr inspire’s free live 30 minute webinar at 2.30pm on 1st May, hosted by three leading HR specialists, with all the knowledge to ensure you can protect your business.


10 things business leaders should never say to employees

Whilst the literature surrounding good leadership often sways towards being strong and hiding weakness, leaders that fail to embrace their soft skills could be turning staff to the exit door.


Scaling Your Company to Always Serve Your Customers

Research shows customers are increasingly fickle. And as companies grow, founders tend to forget that.


10 C-Suite Jobs of The Future

Step aside, chief innovation officers, and make way for chief automation officers and chief freelance relationship officers.


Increasing the Odds of Success in A Merger

Last year set a record for mergers and acquisitions, with more than 50,000 deals valued at more than $3.5 trillion, according to Thomson Reuters. How many of them will succeed?


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