This week’s HR Highlights – 31st January 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 31st January 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 31st January 2018

From the publication of pay ratios and SME recruitment struggles through to new employee benefits & remote working, we look at some of the challenges and opportunities businesses are facing in this week’s ‘HR Highlights’


This Is What Remote Workers Need Most from Their Bosses >>

“The future of work is working remotely.”

It’s Monday and you’re wondering what your remote workers are doing. Here’s some tips for keeping them motivated. Are there others you would recommend?


Wunderman UK’s CEO explains their new ‘wellness studio’ >>

Are the employee benefits around Wellbeing a fad or here to stay?

You can measure your return on your investment in wellbeing, which makes this investment in your talent a logical action.


London SMEs Struggle with Productivity >>

Finding the right talent to boost productivity can be a challenge for smaller businesses in London.

Check out our ‘Recruitment LITE’ packages and see how we can ensure you’re attracting the top talent 


Amazon’s cashier-less Seattle grocery store is opening to the public >>

Amazon have opened their new grocery store in Seattle which has no tills and little if any human interaction – is this the future of retail?

Or do we want humans to help us, and wish us a nice day?


HR Dilemma: Should firms be forced to publish pay ratios? >>

How would you feel if you were forced to publish pay ratios in your business?

Do you have your justifications ready and be able to clearly explain your reward systems? It’s worth some preparation now, for a possible requirement to publish in the future.


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