Are you a respectful leader? Tips to build a respectful workplace

Suzanne Hurndall our Relationship Director has recently published an article on the Association of MBAs website on ‘Are you a Respectful Leader? Tips to build a Respectful Workplace’.

The article covers various aspects of how to identify a respectful leader whilst providing some easy to implement tips on how to create a respectful workplace.

Undoubtedly, the #metoo movement has attributed to more employees rightly realising they should report inappropriate behaviour.

A respectful leader has sensed this dramatic shift in workplace cultures and encourages it, along with openness and intolerance on issues like sexual harassment and discrimination.

A culture check will assess whether employees understand the company’s purpose for a respectful culture? Along with do internal policies and processes encourage an accountable environment? Are all employees being treated fairly and with respect? Are line managers empowered with the skills and confidence to openly drive change? Do they support their teams and handle issues as soon as they arise? Are employees confident enough to voice concerns early on? Is respect for one another championed at every stage of an employee’s working life? Do you know what is also happening at a grass roots level?

Whether a new joiner or established employee, all behaviour policies should be fully communicated – from new starter handbooks, to any contracts and workplace rules.

A respectful workplace will build a framework where company culture is regularly reviewed and improved, one where employees throughout a business take accountable action and where senior managers always lead by example.

People should feel they are the priority in your workplace and that together you are creating an open and honest environment that always supports managers and employees when they report any inappropriate behaviour.

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