Employees suffering from ‘Lockdown Lethargy’

A recent survey conducted by Actus, one of the pioneers of performance management software in the UK, had revealed that almost 34% of the UK’s workforce population is currently struggling from ‘Lockdown Lethargy’ and are showing signs of significantly reduced energy levels than usual whilst working from home.

As an employer you may be experiencing this challenge with your workforce and may be wondering what you can do to improve their energy levels, productivity and performance.

Here is some of our suggestions:

  1. Focus on your employee before discussing any work related matters.
  2. Ensure that your employees take their breaks and lunches.
  3. Arrange 1-2-1 telephone or video calls as much as your schedule can accommodate for.
  4. Remind each employee that their work is appreciated and reassure them that they are a valuable member of the business.

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