Government pledges £500m to help people back into work after Covid

Rishi Sunak will commit over to £500m to support people to get into the workforce via a back to work fund.

The Government will launch several new or extended programmes, which will be aimed at the youngest and oldest workers who might otherwise struggle to find a job in the coming months.

The new scheme will include advice on how to write CVs, mock interviews and will provide advice and support via access to a “work coach”.

Additionally, an extension will be made to the kickstart scheme of fully funded jobs for young people, the “job entry targeted support” scheme for people who have been unemployed for over three months, plus apprenticeships and training for young people who are claiming benefits.

The kickstart scheme helping young people on universal credit will be extended to March next year under the measures. The £3,000 incentive for new apprentices will be extended until the end of January.

People over 50 who receive universal credit will be given support to get back into work, and those who lose their job because of the furlough scheme ending will be invited to join formal training sessions funded by the Government.

Individuals who have come off furlough and are on universal credit will also be prioritised for help to find jobs under the “job finding support” scheme lasting until the end of the year.

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