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Has lockdown improved communication across businesses and people?

The first lockdown back in March had caught many of us by surprise and a lot of the population were not sure how to navigate their way through the difficulties of business closures, having to work remotely and the day-to-day restrictions that were in place.

After a short time of ‘normality’ a few months later in November UK had gone into its second lockdown which, was rumored for some time. However, this time many businesses and people learnt from the previous lockdown how to keep operational and maximise productivity and efficiency.

Thankfully due to the use of various technologies which, enabled many people to have an almost seamless transition from office working to remote working. Now that many people have become adjusted to the new working life many businesses feel that communication has significantly improved.

Two reasons why communication has improved:

  • Businesses and their managers now feel they must keep their teams updated more considering that they are not physically together.
  • Employees are finding additional time for communicating without the need for a daily commute.

Data collected from Engaging Business research publication has suggested that “Employees are happier with how information is being shared with them at work compared to when they worked in the office earlier this year, pre-Covid-19, as revealed in the annual Information Sharing Research.”

It has been demonstrated that people have evolved to become better well equipped to improve communication levels through all channels of business.

Engaging Business Co-Founder, Andrew Hirsch goes on to say “How can this positive trend continue when employees hopefully head back to the office, even if it’s only for a few days a week? Managers must continue to ask themselves if their employees are being trained and given the information they need throughout their careers as well as to share the information which is shared with them. Organisations must create a culture of two-way communication to improve performance, both with employees and commercially.”

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