Home Office Checklist

As most of the UK population have had to make the adjustment of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic we, thought it could be useful to provide a home office check list.

Regular Breaks

It is very important to take some time away from your computer, by taking short and frequent breaks throughout your day is an excellent way to keep concentrated and focused whilst maintaining productivity. This could be in the form of getting coffee or tea, or even stepping outside for some fresh air.

Healthy Snacks

When working at home it can be very easy to snack and always find yourself in the kitchen. However, healthy snacks can have a big advantage on your overall health and brain power. This is not to say keep away from sugary foods, but we recommend trying some great alternatives like fruit, nuts and if you are really needing the sugar try dark chocolate.

Adequate Desk Space

Ensure you have an appropriate desk space where you feel comfortable and focused. This really can contribute to having a productive day as, working from a desk can provide you ample space to setup your computer and any other necessary equipment you may require. By having a dedicated space in your home where you can work allows for you to be mentally prepared to get focused and work.

Staying Connected

Technology is currently allowing everyone to be more connected to each other and staying connected is very important not only for work related questions but also for the social interaction between you and your colleagues. By now most businesses have a dedicated communication channel and it is important that this accessible to all during working hours.

Accessing Files

By having access to your company’s documents, files and projects is crucial to ensure all employees can continue work as normal. Shared online drives are widely accessible and relatively inexpensive and allows for a centralised location for all data. This makes it very simple and easy for staff to get access to what they need though the click of a button.

Lighting Conditions

We suggest avoiding very prominent lighting if possible, as this can have serious strain on your eyes which in turn can create severe headaches, leading to a less productive individual. It is best to try to work in a natural light environment to gain better and higher productivity levels.

Background Noise

Some of us may not be use to working in silent conditions at home and may find it slightly distracting and may even be noticing the quietest of noises in the background. It is worth having something on in the background whether that is music, podcasts, webinars or even an audio book. As long as it is not too loud where you find it disrupting or affecting your work. It is not always the best of ideas to have something on in the background which is visual based as this may also be a distraction.

Nature Indoors

Integrating plants or flowers into your home office space is a great way to improve your mood whilst working. Plants and flowers can naturally filter more high quality air into your working environment which is great for your productivity and health.

If you have any home office tips, we would love to hear them send us your best tips on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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