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How do you show your employees you appreciate them?

As we approach Valentine’s day, we ask, how do you show your employees you appreciate them?

Employee appreciation is becoming an ever more important component in a business as workplace culture becomes more open and dynamic. Employees who receive positive recognition in the workplace are more likely to believe that their work is valued and that their efforts are actively contributing to the organisation’s growth. According to a survey by Each Person, a simple thank you would make 48% of respondents make them feel more valued. 

Showing employees you appreciate them directly affects the workplace environment in a positive way. Employees become happier, leading to a more productive and efficient workforce. According to Employee Benefits, 90% of employees in the UK feel that recognition is vital to them, with 72% stating that if they were appreciated via a thorough staff appreciation programme, they would work harder. 

Here are some top tips on ways to help your employees feel appreciated and valued at work: 

Create a trusting environment 

When you trust your workers and let them handle their own job, they are more likely to assume that their own efforts are both pleasing and dependable in the workplace. Employees can become irritated, demotivated and disloyal when they are micromanaged. Create a sense of trust among your staff by: 

  • Supporting their work 
  • Being open and honest with them 
  • Involving them in the decision-making process  
  • Recognising and adopting their suggestions
  • Educating your supervisors on the importance of trust 

    Encourage growth and development  

    Employees are always looking for ways to improve their abilities. They will feel respected and appreciated if their company offers them opportunities for growth and development. This makes people more committed to their company, fosters a positive relationship between employee and employer, and improves their performance. 

    Provide incentives and rewards 

    Benefits such as hybrid working, bonuses, health insurance, flexible time off, pension plans, fitness programmes and more all play a role in showing your employees they are valued. When your company meets your employees’ requirements, they will be more committed to their role, and the quality of their work and productivity will improve. 

    Make use of social media to show your appreciation for your staff 

    Using social media as a tool to recognise employees is a great way to communicate your appreciation and is one of the most cost-effective tools you can use. Share employees’ achievements on your company’s social media platforms and encourage all of your employees to follow and engage.  

    Listen to your employees  

    Another great technique to make your employees feel valued is to set aside time for employee feedback and to listen to what they have to say about your company. Listening to employees shows that you care about their opinion and helps you gain a better understanding of the workplace. When soliciting employee feedback, keep the following in mind: 

    • Avoid any distractions 
    • Ask questions that are in line with what they are saying  
    • Avoid interrupting them mid-way through the conversation
    • Before you provide a solution, think about what they’ve said 

      If you would like more advice from HR professionals on improving your workplace culture by showing more appreciation to your employees, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. 

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