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How to create an inclusive workplace for your LGBTQ+ employees

As we celebrate Pride 2022, we know that staff perform better when they feel relaxed, respected and free to be themselves, but is your organisation really striving to be more inclusive? From the language used in application forms, to the policies and networks your business aligns with, how you communicate and cultivate the diversity within your workforce says a great deal, not just about you as an employer, but as a brand to be doing business with.  

How to create an inclusive workplace for your LGBTQ+ employees 

Mind your language! 

From policies and emails to Monday morning greetings, language matters. When misused, it can leave people feeling alienated, stigmatised and lacking in confidence – not how you make the teamwork dreamwork! So be sure to make space for people to identify as gender neutral, let them choose their own pronouns and recognise that identities are complex and intersectional. For some helpful pointers on using language the right way in your business check out: say this not that. 

Create a culture of respect 

Respect works both ways, so open up the discussion and make your workplace a two-way conversation around topics that are important to everyone. Setting up a network group specifically for LGBTQ+ employees could let you know where you’re doing well, and which areas may need a new approach. And appoint some allies, they are a crucial element of ensuring inclusion for all – and will help spread the message that diversity is celebrated by your organisation every day, not only on Pride Day. 

Celebrate your successes 

Making sure your organisation is LGBTQ+-inclusive is an ongoing journey, so it’s important to celebrate your successes, whatever they may be, along the way. Every step is a step towards acceptance without exception for LGBTQ+ people. So, by all means enjoy the fun of Pride, get involved, show support and compassion, but be mindful that the support should be there to stay.  

For more tips on creating diversity and inclusion in the workplace, check out this previous blog and get in touch with the hr inspire team today. 

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