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How to strengthen your team

With your team regathering post-summer holidays, it’s possible that motivation levels, productivity and workplace efficiency may have been slowed. Easily done after being away from the office over the summer months. To get your team bouncing back and geared up for the rest of the year we’ve compiled a few ways you can encourage and support the unique strengths within your team, meaning you’ll be able to reap better results for your customers.

Match tasks with talent.

Although you may have hired team members who offer your business a good array of skills all around, it’s undeniable that some have a knack for certain tasks over others. Assigning your staff with tasks that match their unique skills, experience and interests could help improve overall efficiency, and the quality of work produced and could help set your company apart from others which places staff in very generalised roles. Likewise, if you’re about to hire any new staff, consider diversifying your talent by hiring those with a specific skill set who can help your business grow.

Encourage ownership of work.

In the Words of Stephen Covey — “Accountability Breeds Responsibility”.

Allow team members to lead on projects, or tasks from the initial pitch, right through to completion. This will allow them to deep dive into what customers need or want to achieve. Helping to ensure your business is delivering results of the highest quality. Spreading your staff thin across many projects, tasks or clients doesn’t help foster quality relationships or a sense of responsibility.

Foster a culture of learning.

Do your regular performance reviews keep throwing up the same roadblocks for some staff? If so, try offering some bonus training options to help them upskill in any areas they feel they could improve upon. Offering your employees the opportunity to develop in areas you both agree using online courses will help to motivate and inject a bit of energy where it’s possibly lacking. This might stem from feelings of inadequacy.

Encourage regular breaks.

There’s nothing worse than that mid-afternoon slump, or maybe the mid-morning post-coffee crash? We’re all human and concentrating on one task for hours on end doesn’t reap the best results. Encouraging regular breaks to get up, stretch the legs, catch a bit of fresh air, maybe even make a round of coffee for the team. Maybe even play an office game? Or run a personal errand? – anything to mix things up a bit, refreshing the brain from long hours focussed on any one task.

Developing a strong team can take a great deal of time and hard work. In an ideal world, your employees would instantly fall into their strengths, clearly communicate and work together as one seamless unit. You may need to encourage these results by strategically placing staff within their strengths. Allowing them to take ownership of specific tasks, and encouraging them to further their skills. By doing so you’ll have a much stronger team that will help to drive and grow your business forward.

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