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hr inspire’s team of HR Consultants have experience in a diverse range of businesses covering many sectors across private, public, and charitable organisations, ranging from large household names to small & medium-sized enterprises.  

When undergoing a complex HR project, you need peace of mind the process will be handled securely and professionally, delivering the business outcome you need.  

Our team of CIPD and LLB-qualified professionals are experienced in supporting with a wide variety of key HR projects. 

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Running a business means people projects, cases or challenges will arise, but that doesn’t mean you need to incur the cost of increasing your internal HR resources to deal with them. Below are some of the key areas in which we have supported our customers:

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Mergers, Acquisitions and TUPE

Whether your business is changing hands, contractors service providers, or suffering significant structural change, including TUPE transfers, the hr inspire team supports you throughout the process while keeping your employees informed and confident in what’s happening. Specifically, TUPE, or Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, is something you will be undertaking if your business changes hands or contracted service providers.

For the new business owner, it means bringing a workforce on board under their existing terms, often resulting in the newly united business having varied benefits, terms, and pay levels.
For employees, being transferred to a new business can be a stressful experience, especially when considering many TUPE transfers occur alongside redundancies.

Our specialist Consultants will support you with the employment aspects of a TUPE transfer, including:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee records
  • Ensuring staff are informed in advance
  • Transferring staff information


Undergoing a redundancy process is a difficult and stressful time for everyone, during which you must make sure you’re following strict Government redundancy guidelines.

hr inspire offers peace of mind during the whole redundancy process, from start to finish. Our HR Consultants and experts will ensure that everything is being managed compliantly, reducing any risks and reaching a positive outcome for your business:

  • Planning your redundancy process
  • Identifying roles which make up the selection pool
  • Inviting for voluntary redundancy or early retirement
  • Consultation – both individual and collective process
  • Applying fair selection criteria
  • Notifying the individual(s) to be made redundant
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The hr inspire Consultants can help you understand where your business is in the DE&I journey, what gaps exist, and opportunities to enhance your DE&I practices across your organisation.  
DEI is vital to creating and maintaining a successful workplace, one founded on the principle that all people can thrive personally and professionally. Bringing together people of various backgrounds leads to new and creative ideas.

Grievance Investigations

As an employer, you may find yourself facing a Grievance from an employee, which could be related to a colleague, their workplace or their role.
To ensure the situation doesn’t escalate to an Employment Tribunal with hefty associated costs, it’s crucial you follow the correct process.

Our team of expert HR Consultants will support you navigate this complex procedure, resolving the issue efficiently. You have peace of mind the process is managed by experienced HR Consultants, ensuring due process is followed but with the best commercial outcome in mind.

  • Grievance Hearing Preparation 
  • Holding the Grievance Hearing 
  • Grievance Investigations
  • Grievance Outcome 
  • Appeal Management
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Organisational Design & Change Management

Our HR Consultants are experts in helping businesses of all sizes to develop and implement all aspects of organisational design and change management. By working closely with you, we will analyse your current and desired state and create a strategy to achieve business outcomes. 

Culture & Engagement

Your employee experience directly impacts how valued your team feels and how much they trust you as their employer. It’s crucial to provide a platform for your employees to feedback, and for your business to understand areas of positive and potentially negative engagement.

Hr inspire can help you create an engaging workplace culture by implementing targeted strategies and programmes to improve employee engagement and participation. Our expert team works with you to:

  • Identify key areas of insight that are important to your business
  • Design a bespoke employee survey with custom questions to gather intelligence
  • Manage distribution of the survey to employees, including surrounding communications to ensure high response rate
  • Analyse and report on survey results, with recommendations for areas of development to drive engagement and satisfaction
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Management and Leadership Development

At hr inspire, we know that a healthy and prosperous work environment results from effective leadership. Our expert HR Consultants are here to support and train your current or new managers, guiding how to engage their teams, prioritise workflow, and deal with their legal obligations and grievances.

Reward, Compensation & Benefits

Reward and recognition schemes are a great way to attract, reward or retain your employees. Our team of HR reward experts is here to help you review how effective your current rewarding scheme is and implement new policies. 

For your business, it’s important you review the effectiveness and success of current schemes, as well as implement new policies and plans in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our specialist HR Reward Consultants can advise and help put in place a variety of benefits including:

  • Annual Salary Reviews 
  • Bonus Schemes 
  • Commission Schemes 
  • Salary Benchmarking 
  • Employee Benefit and Perk Platforms 
  • Health Care Plans 
  • Pensions