HR Software Implementation

At hr inspire, we understand that HR technology and software solutions are changing the way we work and will shape the future of your business’s HR function.

HRIS Implementation Specialists

With hundreds of HRIS (human resource information systems) available on the market, from compensation and benefits to absence management and training, becoming a tech expert is almost impossible. As a business, we quickly understood this and focused our skills on ensuring that whichever HRIS system our clients needed, we could support the effective implementation. We help you: 

  • impartially identify the best HR software and technology solutions suited to your business needs 
  • plan and implement the effective roll-out of your chosen HR solutions 
  • provide non-technical training and support above and beyond that of the solution provider ensuring business continuity 

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1. Plan

Working with key internal stakeholders, subject matter experts and third party vendors, we identify what success looks like for your business in terms of effective implementation. We navigate risk and map out challenges in our master project plan where we establish timelines and milestones and create the necessary processes and documentation.

2. Configure

Working with your internal stakeholders, we support and manage data collection from existing systems and processes. We then map the data into the new system identifying gaps in both the data and the processes, to create an effective and future-proofed solution. From here we gather the reporting requirements and where necessary work with your technology partners to develop custom reporting.

3. Test

We undertake business simulation testing challenging the system with the rigours of your daily business operations. Once completed we bring in your team to review and challenge undertaking any required amendments and fixes before final testing and sign off for go-live. 

4. Communicate

Communication is crucial to the adoption of new software and processes. We identify the key changes for personnel and identify use case scenarios and business benefits before developing a communication plan. From here, we request leadership buy-in and work with your teams to promote effective adoption.

5. Implement

Here we roll out our training plan, scheduling and delivering the required training based on user need to the business stakeholders. We work with your business to identify internal ambassadors and train subject experts to future-proof your business. At this point, we can then implement the new system across the business and monitor the system for a fix period to ensure success.

HR Software

6. Stabilise

We monitor the impact and successes of implementation and work with your team to overcome internal challenges, with continued user adoption and new employee onboarding plans. Signing off within the agreed timescale.