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Hybrid Working: How to ensure that this ‘third’ way of working “works”

Hybrid working has been dubbed the next ‘big challenge’ for HR teams who are currently in the process of navigating what the future of the office looks like, and how this blend of office and home-working ‘works’ in practice.

Hybrid Working Policies, Procedures and Considerations

A wide range of research supports the move to a hybrid way of working, with 40% of employers expecting their workforce to work regularly from home post-pandemic. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, flexible working in the UK was described as glacial, with 65% of employers not offering regular home working. This represents a huge shift in the way we work which people professionals need to get prepared for.

The adoption of the blended workplace will require a significant culture change for many companies to avoid a two-tier workforce. The management of hybrid working in practice will vary depending on the company, although HR professionals should consider all aspects of the employee lifecycle which may be affected by the transition; onboarding, learning and development, employee engagement, performance management and wellbeing.

Hybrid working models will require new policies and procedures, and further investment in the right technology and communication tools to support the workforce in the transition. Automated HR software, like BreatheHR, can support in the paperless management of employee admin and provide simplified performance management. Time management tools can delegate tasks among dispersed teams and support with logging KPIs, and collaboration platforms can ensure employees continue to get together regardless of their location to combat communication challenges between remote/office workers.

Looking to the physical office space, companies should consider implementing desk booking systems like Flex Desk, to ensure employees can come into the office to work when required and have the space to do so, and ensure that all meeting rooms are equipped with the right technology so remote workers can join in-office meetings without difficulty.

Considering the recommendations above will help your company adjust to the hybrid working model, ensuring you are maximising the full potential and benefits of this new way of working.

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