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New Year resolutions for HR – it’s never too late to begin

January is the time where many of us set personal New Year’s Resolutions, but have you ever considered setting business-related resolutions? Setting clear goals for 2023 is the best way to set yourself up for a successful year.  

2022 was another year of huge transformation in the world of employment with employee churn altering staffing requirements and people’s career aspirations shifting as we navigate the new challenges of a post pandemic world.  

So, as we kick start another New Year, here are five HR-related New Year’s Resolutions to adopt in your organisation this January. 

  1. Start Promoting Better Work-Life Balance

Would your employees boast about your organisation’s work-life balance? If not, there are some easy wins in this regard. For today’s employees getting this balance right is key, and for good reason. New analysis conducted by Glassdoor’s economic research team, which studied more than 382,000 anonymous employee reviews between 1 June 2021 and 30 May 2022, found that burnout has increased by 48%. One way to start promoting a better work-life balance is to reconsider the amount of paid time off you offer your staff or implement greater flexibility when it comes to where they work or the schedule they work to. 

Offering either of these is essentially giving your employees more of their own precious time back. Whether it’s used to book a slightly longer holiday or spend less time commuting so they can spend more time with their family, these small changes can reap life changing benefits to your staff.   

  1. Schedule Regular 1:1 Meetings with Progress Reports

It’s easy to get caught up in industry-wide best practices and bypass regular check-ins with your employees. However, the reality is that employees often know what they need and if you allow time and space for their voices to be heard you’ll be able to boost their eagerness to want to do well for your organisation. 

Schedule regular, recurring meetings with your staff and keep track of discussions through progress reports. Try to avoid rescheduling or cancelling when your schedule gets busy. When you treat these conversations as non-negotiable, you’ll have clear insight into how to support your team members more effectively so that they can improve their skills and enhance your business’s offerings. 

  1. Revise your Company Values

If each of your employees were asked to describe your values as a company, would they all give similar answers? If not, your ship may not be as watertight as you think. Company values set an important tone for your business. They help job candidates understand what you believe in and how they’ll be treated within your organisation. However, since a company’s values are often established during the first few formative years, it’s common for them to feel outdated or irrelevant in today’s business landscape. Use this resolution as the push you need to review and revise your company values and ensure they feel relevant, inspiring, and applicable to your organisation and the team onboard, driving it forward. 

  1. Update your Compensation, Perks, and Benefits Packages

The New Year is a great time to review your compensation and benefits packages and make sure you aren’t falling by the wayside when it comes to fair compensation or your ability to attract and retain top talent.  

Start by checking your industry’s benchmarks for average compensation, perks and benefits. If you’re providing a less compelling offer than your competitors, you’re likely setting yourself up for a challenging year ahead if it means you’ll need to train and replace staff often.  

  1. Outsource your Needs to an HR Provider

Finally, consider what you could accomplish with a team of HR experts tackling payroll, benefits, compliance, and recruitment on your behalf. While these efforts are critical for your business operations, you don’t have to manage them in-house. 

In fact, according to the HR Dive 2021 Identity of HR Survey, 54% of organisations outsource benefits administration, and 53% outsource payroll processing, so they can continue to focus on their core competencies.  

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