Newsletter: November 2014

Newsletter: November 2014

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that this month hr inspire has been awarded the Investors in People accolade.  Investors in People is the UK’s leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business.  We would be delighted to support our customers in achieving IIP accreditation – contact us to work with you on a plan.


How will you be affected by new Holiday Pay Calculations?

Veran-performance-how-holiday-pay-calcualtions-will-affect-UK-staff-and-business-300x199The Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled in favour of factoring overtime into holiday pay calculations. In the short term this is seen as a triumph for the many workers. However, there is already worry over the potential impact this could have on UK businesses. Simon Walker Director General of the Institute of Directors explained UK businesses may not be able to withstand the administrative or financial pressure of providing extra pay. Mid-size and family businesses in particular, he said, would be worst hit. Read more here. 

Time off for Dependants

In a recent case, the dismissal of an employee Time off for dependants
who took time off work to take his wife to hospital
was not automatically unfair as he had not contacted his employer to explain the reason for his absence as soon as reasonably practicable. This demonstrates the limits of protection available to employees; Employees will only be protected where they comply with the statutory provisions in full, including the obligation to explain the reason for their absence as soon as reasonably practicable.

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)
Agency workersA recent tribunal saw £10,878  awarded to an agency worker who wasn’t paid the correct salary in accordance with the AWR. This highlights the need for anyone who deals with agency workers to better understand the regulations. The terms stipulate that after the 12 week qualifying period, an agency worker must, amongst other requirements, be paid the same or comparably to that as if they had been directly employed do the same job. Click here to read more.

What freezing eggs really means for women and employers…

ACapturepple and Facebook, are offering to pay female employees to have their eggs frozen in an effort to attract more female staff. It is an interesting proposal – but it does come with serious risks. Apple and Facebook need to be careful to avoid gender discrimination claims and other legal repercussions. They need to promote other options and support for women who want to have a baby and continue their careers. As of April 2015 Shared Parental Leave will come into place providing a lot more options for expectant mothers and fathers to take time off to care for their child.

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