Outplacement support service

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the world, and we are yet to understand the full extent to which it has affected the way businesses operate.

Many UK businesses are having to consider the option to layoff their staff members and of course letting go of workers is always an unpleasant experience. Although, there are some measures you can implement to make the layoffs as positive as possible. By offering outplacement services to aid workers to move forward with their careers.

What are outplacement services?
Outplacement services give help, direction, and guidance to employees in finding new work. These services can incorporate things such as, CV review, interview training and preparation, tailored one-to-one coaching, general job search advice, and an overview of career assessments.

Why should businesses invest in outplacement services?
The common question amongst businesses is ‘why should we invest in helping people who are no longer our employees?’ The reason for this is to demonstrate that your company and brand values are mindful to their employees and have a genuine care for them.

This also maintains your company’s reputation whilst also showing the employees who remain employed that you as a business do the best you can for its staff members.

Providing outplacement services to your employees is essentially giving them an opportunity in the world of uncertainty, something tangible to focus on that will provide real value.

Outplacement services enable laid-off workers to proceed onwards and quicker to the next chapter in their career. You provide them the tools to characterise their interests, passions and direct their following steps which, leads to them becoming recruited again, much sooner than if outplacement support was not given.

Employees who lose their jobs will of course be worried about their financial position. Fortunately, outplacement support services are complimentary to all employees as this cost is covered by their employer.

By the end of the programme, individuals are trained and prepared to launch themselves into the job market and carry out an effective job search campaign with more confidence.

hr inspires outplacement service support options:

  • Sessions tailored for group or individual employees
  • Continuity of hr Inspire support throughout the complete re-structure process
  • Employees are partnered with a Career Coach
  • Career Coach will offer practicable support and advice on the current employment market
  • Support employees to take a positive approach to new opportunities
  • Identify key skills
  • CV support
  • Linkedin profile review
  • Access to hidden job boards
  • Interview skills workshop
  • Presentation skills workshop
  • Negotiating skills



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