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People Management Article ‘How to avoid an ‘autumn of angst’ as furloughed staff return’

Sandra McLellan Founder & Director of hr inspire has recently shared some guidance on ‘How to avoid an ‘autumn of angst’ as furloughed staff return’ in the online People Management publication.

The article explores some of the potential challenges employers, may face when their staff have returned from furlough and also highlights, what employers can do to help address some of their staffs concerns about returning to the workplace.

“With the furlough scheme ending on 31 October, companies are beginning to un-furlough staff and bring them back to work. But undoubtedly not all these workers will be returning with a positive feeling about their employer. 

During the height of lockdown, organisations quickly tried to make sense of ever-changing, complex and confusing government furlough guidance, and as a result innocent errors were made by employers. Mistakes such as failing to uplift holiday and bank holiday payments, or claiming 80 per cent of wages while underpaying employees, will see many return to work feeling unfairly treated or mismanaged during furlough. But there are ways to avoid an ‘autumn of angst’ and smooth matters over with the affected employee before the issue turns into a full-blown, costly legal dispute.”

To read the full article click here.


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