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Welcome! This week our social media spotlight is shining on Training & Development – read on for some snippets on how to tackle these challenges.

CEO Development

How do CEO’s develop into their role & continue their learning? It’s a lonely job being CEO, the buck stops right there but as with life the learning continues. For confidential coaching & support, speak to our CEO Sandra McLellan.


Apprenticeships are a fabulous way of bringing in and developing young people into the business. Establishing an apprenticeship scheme can be challenging. Do give us a ring if you would like some support.

Self Managed Learning

Self-managed learning is increasing in importance as employees want their development in bite size chunks and undertaken when they have time. Learning online is the most flexible & offers a myriad of programmes to suit an infinite number of requirements. Find out more from our specialists.


We need a return on the investment of training but how can we measure it? Start with being precise on the reason for the learning, what change is required and what measurable benefit there will be to the business versus the cost in time and money. Find out more from our specialists.


Mentoring is beneficial for both mentor & mentee. Creating a formal or informal scheme in your business can increase motivation, commitment to work & productivity. Find out more from our specialists.

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