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Welcome! This week our social media spotlight is shining on “Policies” – read on for insight on how to tackle these challenges.


How do you manage an employee who has consistent absenteeism? Check what your procedure says & begin by following it. Talk with your employee, listen to find out if there is an underlying issue. There are lots of things you can do – phone us for practical advice.


You suspect an employee has been stealing from the company – what do you do? Firstly, don’t jump to conclusions nor accuse them. Seek advice or you could end up with a wrongful termination case. Speak to one of our specialists to ensure your business is protected.

Misuse of Property

You hear your employee was driving too fast & they damaged their company car – what do you do? Don’t dock their pay just yet! A disciplinary hearing would be the best course of action. Do talk to our specialists for advice on how to proceed.

Workplace Violence

Two people have been fighting at work – what do you do? Don’t dismiss them just yet! Follow your policy which could include suspending them on full pay, following up with a disciplinary hearing. Talk to one of our specialists for extra support and practical advice.

Drug Testing

You suspect one of your employees is ‘Drink Driving’, what do you do? Firstly check your procedures & if they are in place, do follow them. Secondly call our team for practical, straight forward advice.

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