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Performance Management: An Employee Review Template

Previously, we have discussed the importance of an effective performance management review process. When managed correctly, performance management can motivate your staff, align objectives across teams and the business, ensuring everyone is contributing to the same end goal.  Performance management can also highlight your over and under performers, assisting with career progression and succession planning.

Our Employee Review Template provides a simple starting point to ensure that your employee review meetings are focused and productive. Within the template you will find the following forms:


Regular Employee Review Example Template

Designed for regular catch ups with your team, we recommend these take place monthly to provide a review of objectives and performance, as well as an opportunity for any wider discussion.

Employee Self-Evaluation Form Example

To be used by the employee ahead of each review, ensuring that time is taken for careful reflection which will make the review itself more productive.

Mid/End of Year Employee Review Example Template

Created for more formal and in-depth reviews. This template includes the usual discussion around performance and objectives but also focuses on future career aspirations and company values.

Performance Management Review Example Template

A simple form for employees to complete following the in-depth reviews so that the performance of the overall performance management process can be monitored.

The document is intended to be edited by you so that you can ensure it works for your unique business requirements. The example templates are designed with the following in mind:


Focused on being SMART

The forms are designed to work alongside the regular monitoring of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based) objectives. We recommend setting up an action plan for each employee which can be updated and constantly monitored. The reviews then provide an opportunity for both the line manager and employee to be held accountable in their actions, as well as ensuring the objectives are reviewed and amended where necessary.

Prioritising future performance

While focusing on past performance is important to learn from actions taken, the forms are designed to utilise these learnings and focus on future performance. By doing this, employees are more likely to feel motivated and both parties can be aligned in clear objectives for the business’ future success.

Encouraging two-way conversation

The forms provide an opportunity for feedback and insights from both the line manager and employee. By encouraging employees to practice self-development, engagement is increased, and they are more likely to perform well and stay longer with the organisation. Feedback is a gift, so we also encourage getting your employees’ feedback on the entire performance management process so that this can also be improved, plus staff are more likely to buy in to the process by feeling heard.

Ensuring ongoing review

The templates encourage regular conversation, as well are more in-depth conversation at certain intervals, plus review of the performance management process itself. By ensuring continuous monitoring, the entire system can be evaluated effectively and utilised to its full potential.

It’s important to remember that the Employee Review Templates will only be effective within a well-planned performance management process. Check out our other blogs for more detail and tips on how to establish an effective process that is focused on your business objectives.


Download the Employee Review Template here…

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