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Remote working and staff productivity

Two-thirds of employers do not trust their staff when they are remote working, according to latest research, with key concerns around remote working and staff productivity.

The survey, which polled 1,500 business decision makers across Europe, found that 65% did not fully trust their staff to do their jobs from home, with nearly 40% saying they believed their staff do not work as hard or effectively when working from home. 

The shocking statistics came at a time when only 19% of businesses report a decrease in productivity since moving to remote working. 

Feelings of distrust in the workplace can put a strain on working relationships, so it is essential that managers are trained in how to manage remote and hybrid workers, and supported by appropriate HR policies like, for example, what is expected of employees who are working from home. 

The research also highlights the need to cultivate a company culture that is built on trust, which empowers staff by giving them some flexibility over where they do their work and when. Implementing a successful people management strategy will help this culture to thrive, by connecting teams and driving employee engagement through collaboration. 

Whilst the inclusion of full or part-time remote working will not work for every business model, for those that have made it a permanent method of working have reported many benefits, including improved employee retention, increased productivity and reduced operating costs.  

Some jobs roles, tasks and projects will work better when employees are office-based because of the collaboration and in-person support offered, but employers should recognise the many benefits of incorporating hybrid working, which may help you stand out to new talent and provide a better work life balance for your staff. 

For support in implementing your successful people management strategy, including remote working and staff productivity, please speak to a member of the hr inspire team today. 

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