The impact of HR on Employee Retention
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The impact of HR on Employee Retention

Direct contact with HR counts for a lot in employees’ minds, according to a 25-country study by the ADP Research Institute, which polled 32,000 people over a year to understand how the HR function impacts a company’s reputation as an employer. Here we look at the impact of HR on Employee Retention.

If employees feel that HR has met their expectations, they are more likely to stay with the company, and will also tell everyone it’s a good place to work. 

But how exactly does HR meet expectations? It’s down to having focused contact with employees, and the more they use HR services, the more likely they are to value HR – and by extension, the company.  

For example, if employees have a single designated HR contact, the research found they are twice as likely to value their company and five times as likely to recommend their company as a place to work.  

Meeting your employees’ expectations is important in building a positive workplace, and company reputation. Direct communications between the HR function and employees can greatly improve employees’ work life and increase their perceived value of the company. 

However, we know that the reality of this can mean for many businesses much of Managers and HR team’s time is taken up firefighting day to day employee related issues. And this has a wider impact – handling employee relations issues takes the focus away from delivering your business plans, as your team are dealing with day-to-day employee issues and challenges. 

The Benefits of Outsourced Employee Relations 

By outsourcing your Employee Relations, you’re delivering on that need to provide a single point of HR contact – which as we know, drives up your employee retention and satisfaction.

Plus, by providing your HR team with an outsourced resource to manage your employee relations enquiries and challenges, you give them the extra capacity needed to deliver on their strategic HR plans. 

What an Outsourced Employee Relations model includes:

  • Expert Employee Relations telephone support for employees across your business
  • Management and resolution of first line complex HR/ER matters
  • First line expert HR support for your HR Teams from experienced HR Consultants
  • Support on areas including Disciplinaries, Appeals, Long Term Sick, Grievances, AWOL and Performance Issues
  • Handling of first line contact with ACAS
  • A case management tracking system delivering detailed reporting on ER matters
  • Production of accurate history of cases documents required for Employment Tribunal cases

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