This week’s HR Highlights – 11th July 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 11th July 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 11th July 2018

From the top reasons UK employees are fired through to the key ways to attract, retain and engage ‘Gen Y’ talent, this week’s HR highlights looks at the main areas UK businesses are succeeding and failing when it comes to people management. Read on for more…


The top 10 reasons why Brits were fired in 2018

As an employer, you never really want to fire someone. It’s always better if you can speak to an employee who is underperforming or has behaved inappropriately and try to work out a reasonable resolution. However, sometimes it can be best for the company and the employee to part ways for good…


How to attract, retain and engage Gen Y talent

The so-called ‘Generation Y’ has a reputation of being disloyal and flighty when it comes to employment –  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Pixar’s culture of ‘mistreating women’ exposed

A former Pixar employee has claimed the firm’s toxic culture gave men a “license to mistreat women and side-line their careers.”


£25k discrimination fine for treatment of pregnant employee

An internship company has had to pay £25,000 to settle a tribunal case after an employee alleged sex discrimination relating to her pregnancy – The Irish News reports.


9 ways to reward staff without giving them a pay rise

With news that the majority of UK employees will not be getting a pay rise this year, it’s important employers look for other ways to boost morale.


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