This week’s HR Highlights – 20th June 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 20th June 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 20th June 2018

Do you know the best ways to avoid Summer sick days? Or the types of humour that can either help or hinder your career? This week’s HR highlights looks at these topics as well as paternity leave, the Gig economy and top tips for start-ups…


Why new fathers are too scared to take paternity leave

Uptake of shared parental leave among new fathers is low. What’s holding men back from caring for their children?


Friday? More like LIEday! Why today is a popular day for a sickie

June is bound to make you think of summer, blossoming greenery, and lush warm weather. While the UK is currently disappointing us on that front, many employees are planning to welcome June with a relaxed start, by pulling a cheeky sickie.


Why the Government’s Gig Economy Data Falls Short

CEO of Fiverr Micha Kaufman suggests the government is making the right effort when it comes to the Gig Economy, but crucially is asking the wrong questions.


GSOH required: Why being funny at work can help your career

Whilst a ‘GSOH’ is a requirement most commonly found buried in a newspaper dating archive, humour can surprisingly be a strategic leadership tool.


You Grew Your Startup, Now Build Your Advisory Board

“No company is complete without an advisory board.” Scott Schoeneberger, managing partner at Bluewater Technologies, looks at how to build one.


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