This week’s HR Highlights – 28th March 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 28th March 2018

This week’s HR Highlights – 28th March 2018

Do you know how to interview with competency questioning? Or how about handling hard conversations with an employee that’s not performing? This week’s HR Highlights looks at these important topics and more… don’t miss out!


REVEALED: What do Brits really think about job interviews? >>

There’s been some amusing anecdotes about what people say at interviews. How can you find out if people are lying to you?


Competency Questions – what you need to know… >>

Our very own Recruitment specialists provide valuable advice on the importance of skilled interviewing techniques, with a focus on why and how to use competency-based questions.


5 ways to fire a bad employee >>

How do you have those difficult conversations with an employee who isn’t performing?

Having a plan and being clear and firm is the first approach.


Baker fined for overworking – but can long hours damage your health? >>

We, the UK, have the longest hours of work but one of the lowest productivity levels.

Is it time to manage our employees differently?


10 things business leaders should never say to employees >>

Want to motivate your staff?

Don’t say the things in this article. Listen and coach, even when they have made a mistake.


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