VE Day and Bank Holidays- What you need to know!

Change of the UK May Bank Holiday Date and VE Day

With 2020 marking the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day (VE Day), the early May UK Bank Holiday will move from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May.

The UK Government’s decision to move the Bank Holiday has been made to allow people to honour the day which marks the end of World War Two.

How the Bank Holiday Change Impacts Holiday Entitlement

Employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday per year, equating to 28 days per year (inclusive of the usual 8 Bank Holidays) for full time employees.

The change in Bank Holiday date means businesses are advised to identify whether specific Bank Holiday dates are stated in Employee Contracts. Where they are, it may mean your employees are contractually entitled to a day off on the 4th May with the expectation they are available to work on Friday 8th May. Where this is the case, consider the implications to your business (i.e. are you open or not) and if employees need to be consulted regarding the change in date for 2020 only.

Where your Contracts don’t stipulate specific holiday dates, it’s recommended you act consistently and in line with previous years – determine whether your business will or will not operate on this day, identifying the impact on staff required to work. Where staff are required to work, ensure your business is adopting your normal fair and consistent approach to agreeing who is and is not required to work.

Key Considerations:

While there isn’t a legal right for employees to take Bank Holidays off on the day they fall, it’s important to note under Working Time Regulations 1998 that they are entitled to the equivalent time off another point in the year.

You will also need to consider the impact on part time employees and their pro rata holiday entitlement. Employees who are contracted to work Mondays will need their entitlement amending to allow for their additional working day, and those who are contracted to work Fridays may need to use their holiday entitlement to allow for the additional time off.

Working Out What the Change Means for You:

Holiday entitlement is a complex issue that you may need additional support with to be confident you’re meeting your legal requirements. For more information, contact us for advice.

Just a Reminder on Upcoming Bank Holidays

  • Friday 10th April- Good Friday
  • Monday 13th April- Easter Monday
  • Friday 8th May- Early May (VE Day)
  • Monday 25th May- Spring
  • Monday 31st August- Summer
  • Friday 25th December- Christmas Day
  • Monday 28th December- (in lieu of 26th December)- Boxing Day



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